3 Most Effective Apps For Android Monitoring

May 22nd, 2015 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in Android

Getting your kids a smartphone can end up as an unsettling experience for you as well as them. This is because kids can’t deal with various temptations and are easily led on by various features of smartphones which seem like they could make this world a better place. Fair enough, because these features and apps are made in order to increase the user following. And you never know when they might cross the phone bill limit, including an unprecedented data charges. This why some parents don’t consider getting their not-good-enough-for-decision-making kids a smartphone, simply because they know the kids won’t be able to use it wisely. Moreover giving the kids an android phone is like handing them over a ticking time bomb – you know it’s going to explode, just don’t know when!

But when you search for apps to monitor android phone, you might come across a handful of useful apps to do so, whereas you’ll get plenty of not working apps. Lets us cut off some headache for you as we have listed three particular apps which are extremely useful for the worried parents, and you can easily keep a check on their activities while checking on in their safety.

  1. Use FlexiSpy To Access Their Image Gallery

Have you wanted to see what kind of images your child has in his/her smartphone? Are you sure they don’t click inappropriate images of themselves or have inapt images in their phones! If you want to just clear your doubts regarding the way they use their cell phone, then you must try FlexiSpy, an app for android monitoring that transmits the information from the monitored android phone to an online user account. It has other important features as well!

  1. Use Highster Mobile To Read Emails

Highster Mobile is another android monitoring program which comes out really handy and useful, especially when you want to read what kind of emails your kids are being sent or what emails they send or forward to their peers. You never know when they might have disclosed some important details with a complete stranger over an email, or might have clicked on a spam email. Just be sure by using mSpy to keep an eye on their emails, whereas the app hosts abundance of other features.

  1. Use mSpy To Intercept IM Chats

If you have been suspicious about their IM chats and constant messaging has crossed a limit, then better start monitoring your teens with mSpy. This android monitoring app is one of a kind that gives you your deserved peace of mind by providing you all minor as well as major details about your teen’s IM chats such as WhatsApp chat, Facebook conversations or Viber. Apart from this you also get to keep an allround check on their android phone’s activities, from contacts to Call listening – this has got everything covered up!

These are the most effective apps to help you with your teen’s android monitoring. Go ahead and try them for yourself!

About Author: Kerrie Mccune writes for cell phone parental control software at SpyEngage and help parents to monitor their teens by choosing the best phone spy software.

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