8 Useful Apps and Sites for Smooth Business Operation

June 18th, 2015 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in Web Applications

With the advent of internet and reliable gadgets (smartphone, tables, etc.), everything seem so possible and everyone rely on the power of technology. No wonder that everyone is getting postpaid plans on gadgets and data plan to keep updated on everything. Since its inception, internet has been a steady help for people, from food tripping to travel itineraries to job hunting.

Nowadays, internet and smartphone/gadget go hand in hand to make things successful? A great example is using them to run your own business, such as travel agency and payday loans association. There have been so many apps dedicated to a smooth business operation. Below are some reliable business apps you can start using for your daily operations.

Wondering if you could Microsoft Office on your iPad or tablet? Yes you can! With the help of CloudOn app, it allows you to run Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and alike) on tablet. One good thing about this app is that you can use it for free and available on both iOS and Android. CloudOn supports all the advanced features of Microsoft Office and its design really works on a touch interface.

Another free app that is available on Android is LectureNotes. This app allows you to scribble pictures and diagrams. LectureNotes works well with big-screen Android smartphones when it comes to jotting notes and creating draft for diagram while on meeting. The app can work more efficiently if you will use stylus to make your tablet an electronic tablet.

Roambi Analytics
This iOS app turns data into a helpful insights. Roambi Analytics is a free app that helps you to read easily the data you have obtained from the meeting. These data can be transformed into charts or graphs (depends on how you want it) that will make it more readable and easily understood.

This app can help business travelers to track the business trips in one single place. A comprehensive and simple itinerary is a unified place is a big help to see the progress of a certain business trip. Tripit also provides data about weather updates, maps, and different routes to make traveling easier. The app is free to download and available on both Android and iOS.

Google Drive
Google’s new Drive app allows users to upload and edit files from computers to tablet to smartphone. Drive offers a fully-featured office suite, with full cloud drive that allows you keep any file type using a virtual drive app or a web interface. Google Drive is ideal for small business webmail and offers a 5GB of storage for free.

Needing a unified place for all your accounting needs? Then InDinero can help you out. This app will keep track of your business cash flow and aids to manage daily finances. InDinero also syncs up the bank accounts and credit cards to predict the future business cash flows according to the previous flow trends.

This videoconferencing app is free to download and helpful to business owners when it comes to organizing meetings. The app can host virtual meetings with 25 participants anywhere by just using any Web-connected device. The app has a built-in invitation system and can streamline the process of scheduling a meeting. Other features include speaker identification to know who’s talking among the many participants, and sharing of keyboard and mouse controls among the attendees for easier collaboration from anywhere. The app is for free and available on both iOS and Android.

Expensify is an online expense management service for business and clients worldwide. This app provides easy scanning of receipts and categorizing of trips with a clean and intuitive UI. The app imports the expenses directly from a credit card to create free expense reports quickly. It also approve reports online and reimburse directly to a checking account with one click.

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