A Review of Google Drive

June 19th, 2013 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in Technology | Windows

This is my honest review of the Google Drive service that I have recently been using for my online internet business. The Drive has been an absolute godsend to me and has literally saved me hundreds of dollars, maybe even thousands by the end of this year!

Google Drive

Google Drive

What Is The Google Drive?

Google drive is a fantastic service for not only storing your files but sharing them too! Google allow you 15 GB of free space to store files such as documents, pictures, audio and movie files, of course you must own the rights to the images and movie files before sharing them out!

The Files Google Allow You To Store

Document files – You can store document files with extensions Docx, PDF ,RTF, HTML, Open Document (for openoffice) and plain text.

Spreadsheets – This is the main one I use personally and they will allow you to store XLSX, PDF and also Openoffice spreadsheets.

Forms – A nice thing if you need forms! You can create these right from the Google Drive interface, see the image below.

Drawing – I have tested this feature but not too extensively and I am not sure how you download it as of yet or if you even can! I know you can send the drawing to other people through email.

Presentation – Another great feature Google have and what I use is the presentation feature that I send to my clients, you can share it over for them to view the finished presentation.

Using The Share Facility

Sharing documents is especially good for when you run a business and you would like to share them with your clients so they can check your progress on the work, or even share to employees so they can fill in the work onto spreadsheets such as links if you are in the backlinking business. The share facility also has a great feature which is the permission part, you are able to pick and choose who can view it and who can edit it.

Access To The Google Drive

Access is very simple, you can either use it in the browser or even better you can download the application that Google provide and simply drag and drop files to and from the drive on the fly! When you are in your drive just look to the far left right at the bottom of your files, just like this…

You can also use Google drive on your phone and access or email the files anywhere in the world! with 15GB of space you can host millions of high definition photos, documents or audio in the drive, it is very worth it and best of all it is FREE!

A Quick Video From Google

Bio: I have used the Google drive for many months now within my business, I do share out to client’s and allow my employees to upload and update the files on the fly, I do keep a backup of these files just incase anything bad happens and for that I use Citrix ShareFile.

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