Best File Shredder to securely delete files in Windows 8

March 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in Free Tools | Windows

What is File Shredder?

Have you ever been in situation when you need to delete your personal and confidential data from your Windows 8 hard disk permanently so that no one can retrieve those files. There are file shredder tools available to perform the task of securely deleting your confidential data without letting any trace behind.

File Shredder Tool can instantly delete files from computers hard disk and make sure that even an expert is not able to trace those files. There are large numbers of data recovery software available for Windows 8 operating system to retrieve deleted data, someone can use these programs to recover your deleted personal files. But data deleted using File Shredder software can’t be recovered with any data recovery software available.

How File Shredder Works?

File Shredder tools permanently erases file from computer storage so that no data recovery tools is able to recover those files ever. File shredder works by rewriting the file location with some random binary data numerous times, It means the actual content of file is overwritten number of times with random data.

A number for file shredder software are available to maintain privacy and confidentiality, Choose one of the below mentioned tool according to your need


Eraser is very useful Windows utility which helps users to permanently delete files from their computer, with this tool one can securely delete any files folder beyond recovery. It includes different erasing methods to get rid of private and confidential data. The good thing is you can schedule Eraser to run at any specific time for erasing files from your system. Eraser is available as portable tool which means you don’t have to install it on computer to run it.


CCleaner is one of the very popular software for cleaning files from your computer. With the use of CCleaner you can easily delete unwanted files and clean history of online activity CCleaner is a one of the most popular tools to clean files from your computer. It is also one of the best file shredder tools as it removes temporary internet files to free up disk space and speed up your computer. CCleaner also allows user to schedule cleaning task

File Shredder

File shredder is useful software to delete files for deleting files permanently without the risk of getting them recovered. File shredder has easy to use GUI which allows user to perform file shredding task efficiently. User just have to click “Add files” and browse the location of the file he wants to delete, that file will appear in the main window. Select the file and click “Remove Selected” and the file is gone forever.

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