Essential Android Apps for Your Road Trip

September 27th, 2013 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in Android

Road trips haven’t changed much in the last 50 years. You push everyone into the car, you pull out the maps and you pull into the roadside diner. Well, all that’s going to change with these snappy little Android apps that will get you to your destination on time, relaxed and well entertained. These are the favourite ones we’ve been using at Skedaddle Car Hire on our Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s and S4’s.

GPS Essentials

Before you spend $300 or more on a fully-fledged GPS unit to sit on your dash, check out this app instead. It will tell you where to go, and get you there using the best route possible, with voice commands to follow at your leisure. Going beyond your standard GPS unit, it even utilizes your phones camera to show your waypoints, and upload pictures of them so you can share them with friends. This nifty money saver will set you back $0, as it’s completely free from the Google Play store.

Pandora Internet Radio

If you’re going along at 60 miles per hour or more, you’re going to be switching radio stations frequently, as usual bands will only go as far as 40 miles or so. With Pandora, you will be able to tap into squillions of internet radio stations all over the web. What’s more, the apps artificial intelligence actually pulls data based on what kind of music you like, and can create a custom radio station based on what you like, even adding in extra tracks based on what it predicts you will like. Not bad for a free app.


Is your glove box overflowing with road maps, brochures and travel guides? TravelNinja will allow you to cut the fat by replacing all of these in one fell swoop. Want to know what’s coming up and keen for a rest stop? RoadNinja will alert you what’s coming up on the next exit, so if you have a hankering for southern fried chicken, pancakes or you simply need a park to relax, you’ll know where to get off. Eager for a bargain? RoadNinja will even download promos and offers for you, so that when you’re near your favorite franchise restaurant or a gas station, you’ll save a buck. Best of all, this app is 100% free!


It can be tempting to go a little over the speed limit, when you’re keen to get to your destination and have more time to play, but you shouldn’t break the rules of the road. This app will alert you of the current speed limit, so that you’re always on the right side of the law. Trapster users share information on speed traps, so that you’ll never run through a speed camera and get a fine again. For your safety, users also alert other uses regarding unsafe roads that have pileups or other traffic incidents, as well as helping you to choose alternate road to get around traffic jams. Another free app for your road trip itinerary.

This post comes from Archie, who writes regularly for the Skedaddle hire blog, where you can find more apps for iOS as well as Android. Archie loves zipping around Australia in his car, checking out new locations and writing about them for the site.

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