Google Drive Apps vs Office Online in 2015

June 22nd, 2015 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in Web Applications

A big part of a business personal’s daily work revolves around drafting documents, making tables, creating presentations for business meetings and annual reports, as well as commenting other people’s documents, and so on. All of this is done in a handful of computer programs with great success, but what happens when you cannot use them? When on a trip, in a car, on a plane or at home, you are away from your office computer and all the files on it. Luckily, there is an option of doing those things online and still managing to produce good results. With both Office 365 and Google Drive apps available at the moment, which package is better for certain tasks and which one suits certain users more than the competitor?

The Basics

Both services provide usage of word editing, spreadsheet manipulation, slideshow creation and other Office-related services in an Internet-based environment. They are good not only for people who do not have an Office package on their computers, due to prices, OS incompatibility, device’s inability to support it, etc. – but also to those who are in need of quick editing of their document. Being directly connected to one’s cloud account and e-mail, these two services provide online connectedness between your home, work and personal computer.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft had an easier job when it comes to online services – they are aware that about a billion people use their Office package everywhere in the world, so they did not need to do much in order to have this new service accepted. So, browser-based Office 365 is quite similar to computer-based Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but it has to be paid. Though it has its free option available for all outlook users. For advanced word processing and spreadsheets – whether you are an average user, a business user or an advance and experienced one with a couple of Excel courses under your belt this platform is better as it is more compatible for everyday office use than Google’s or its own free cousin Office online.

Google Drive Apps

Google is going in a different direction and layout: yes, word processing and spreadsheet tools look amazingly like Office, yet still require some getting used to as they are a bit different. But, since they only offer three things-Docs, Sheets and Slides – they are more focused and detail-oriented than Office 365.

Probably the best thing about Google Drive apps is the connection with your Google e-mail account. Everything you have is in the same place and can be shared in a couple of clicks. Moreover, Google provides not only better e-mail and calendar support, but it also excels in presentation features. It has been noted that PowerPoint Online is “the weak link” in Office 365, and Google Slides are more responsive and better equipped.

The Verdict

Both options obviously have their perks and setbacks, but which is better for whom? If you are an average user who has had Office package for a while, you should stick to Office 365 due to its compatibility to .doc, .xls and .ppt files, but be aware that you will not be able to edit them offline. On the other hand, Google Drive Apps are visually more stimulating and innovative and while their features are not perfect, some suit business professionals and experts quite a bit. But, for everyday use, the first option may be a more successful one.

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