How to Open BKF File Without Any Errors?

April 14th, 2015 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in Windows

Windows NTBackup utility has its own benefits which helped users to create a worry-free backup of data files as a single file “BKF”. However, this backup and recovery model has no integrated formula to resolve any errors associated with the backup file. This limits the scope of extracting data files from backup file despite of having an updated backup. Many Windows users trusted this Windows backup utility for creating backup of several data types like; email files, documents, images, databases, presentations, videos, etc. But when it came to extract same data from backup file users faced several issues and quests like how to Repair BKF file. Such issues were caused due to damages in BKF file structure which made it difficult to restore data from corrupted Windows backup file.

Why Are Users Unable to Open Backup File?

Whenever users try to extract data files from the backup file, errors are thrown which makes it impossible to recover data from backup file. In urgent needs this can be very critical situation as users are unable to fetch back their crucial data. So what makes backup file throw errors? And how can be these error giving backup files managed? Following are few reasons why BKF file gives erroneous messages while restoring it through backup utility;

  • Heavy corruption is backup file which damaged the BKF file structure.
  • Cannot overwrite or delete existing files on removable medium while performing backup.
  • Backup creation was unsuccessful as data files were too large or you tried to backup large system volume.
  • Catalog files are missing and thus the software is unable to recognize the BKF file structure while restoring.
  • Backup file was stored on server or network which caused CRC error while downloading or it got infected through virus intrusion.
  • You are trying to open BKF file in Windows 7 or 8 which does not support .bkf file.

How to Restore Such Erroneous BKF File?

In order to resolve such errors, firstly it is important to know the core cause for such messages. Once its root cause is known, you can perform the recovery procedure which is relevant to the need. For instance if you are unable to open BKF file because you are trying to open it in advance versions of Windows (Windows 7 or 8), you should try to open it in another system with Windows XP installed. If BKF file is showing errors due to corruption in file, or you are unable to arrange another system with Windows XP, you can take help of a commercial application like BKF Recovery which helps you recover data from damaged or un-supported BKF file. This software is compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 7 & 8 and allows you to open BKF file, preview its contents and restore data files from it.

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