How to track husband phone without knowing him?

February 18th, 2019 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in Technology

Many women want to track their husbands and their phones for multiple reasons. Nowadays, cheating is rife and every couple is worried about it. Not only men, women are also cheating on their husbands. Such people believe they can’t be tracked and nothing can be done about them. But they live in a fool’s paradise.

With spy and monitoring apps, this has become possible. So if anyone is cheating on their partners, they should think they might be tracked and all of their activities will be known to their partners. It is better that couples should fix the problems when they are in a relationship. But if still things remain the same, we have a solution for you.

Use BlurSPY App to Track Phone of Your Husband

BlurSPY is advanced Android spy software and monitoring app designed for parents, spouses as well as employers. Parents want to keep a check on the phone activities of their children and a partner wants to track the phone of their husband. Similarly, employers can also make use of this app to track their employees and staff whenever they feel a need.

Before we talk about you can do this, there is a need to understand the legal issues. Monitoring of anyone might cause problems for you if you are doing it without their knowledge. Every state has laws and rules that people have to abide by in order to live peacefully. For monitoring, there are laws that women who want to monitor their husbands should know and understand well before spying on them.

The great thing about BlurSPY is it works in the background without letting the target person know about it. To install the app, you will have to once physically access the phone. You will then download the app through a link and it will be installed. After that, you don’t need to physically access the phone. Every activity and monitoring can be done remotely. You will just have to activate commands or features that you want to use to track the device.

You might be thinking what you can do with this app when it comes to spying on your husband. The app offers a lot of features that make it a popular spy app. From calls to messages, social media to browsing history, multimedia to locations and what not- the app does every kind of monitoring in a fantastic way. Following are the features of BlurSPY that you can use to track the phone of your husband.

Tap All of their Calls

With BlurSPY, wives can tap all the incoming and outgoing calls of their husbands’ phones. The feature is turned on after installing the app and logging into it. As you will turn on, the app will let you listen to their calls live. You can also record any incoming and outgoing call on their phones. Furthermore, the app powers its users to block any numbers, restrict their calls and delete them from the phone.

Check Text Messages

After calls, you can check their text messages. With this feature, you will have access to all the sent and received messages along with the text body. You can also block any number to not allow messages on the target device.

Track Locations

BlurSPY has a feature that allows the users to track the live GPS location of the target device. As you will turn on this feature, the app will give you the exact live location of the phone. It also keeps record of the weekly data showing all the locations the target person has been visiting. You can also mark certain areas as unsafe. As soon as the target device reaches there, you will get an alert and a notification.

Sneak into WhatsApp

If you think your husband is using WhatsApp to talk to someone, you should not be worried at all. BlurSPY has a feature that gives you access to the WhatsApp of the target phone. You can see their messages, numbers, chats, text of the conversations, audio as well as video call details and a lot more. This can make you feel more powerful.

Surround Monitoring

Women who want to capture and record the sounds in the surroundings of their husbands, they can use this feature. After activating, the Spy app records all the ambient voices and sounds near the phone. The files are uploaded in the dashboard where you can access them.

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