iOS 7- The Revolutionary Design

June 17th, 2013 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in Macintosh

As yesterday’s Apple keynote address at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference was streamed live globally, the Twittersphere erupted with joyous tweets from enthusiastic Apple fans following the announcement of iOS 7. In this technology-obsessed generation iOS and android devices are an integral part of our everyday lives. Owners must look after such devices with relevant gadget insurance. According to social media management startup, Hootsuite, during the two hour keynote a majority of Twitter users tweeted in a positive and exciting manner about Apple’s latest revolutionary design of their mobile OS. According to their figures, over 90% of tweets registered were tweeting on the positive side of the spectrum. Rumours speculated that the new iOS design would be flat, black and white and a whole new experience; it is exactly all of these things. It is almost entirely different to their flagship operating systems.

So, what does the new design look like? Apple has incorporated a new font that is very skinny, clean and easy to read. The indicator of you reception of coverage that was originally white bars on black background have been replaced by five small dots that are white or grey depending on how strong the signal is. For the first time since iOS’ six-year existence the screen lock has changed. The slide to unlock is now translucent above the background image, there are no longer shine top or bottom bars for the unlock slide or the clock. The keyboard has changed slightly and is now more white than grey. It is translucent to let you see what is underneath the keyboard. App icons have changed. As predicted they are now a lot flatter and have a white base. Apple have stepped away from their previous skeuomorphic look, a frequented term to describe iOS designs. They have opted for a cleaner, sleek more translucent design that overall works very well.

Not only does iOS 7 come with an entirely fresh design, it also comes with an array of new features. Here is a quick look at some of the most significant extras and changes:


Unlike previous operating systems, Safari now opens straight into full screen mode with an option to bring the search bar up to the top. Users can now scroll a vertical carousel to access tabs. There are no limits to the amount of tabs you can have opened compared to previous versions that only allowed a maximum of eight.

Control Centre

One of the nicest new features of iOS 7 is its new control centre. This is a pull up tray that is available from your lock screen. The control centre allows you to adjust brightness, volume and other settings including Wi-fi, Airplane mode, rotation lock and Bluetooth. Other features of the control centre include a flashlight, and quick access tabs to apps including music and camera.

Multi- Tasking

Multi- tasking has been made a lot easier with iOS 7 without affecting battery consumption. You can double tap on the home button in order to enter multi- tasking mode. The multi-tasking mode also has received a facelift and now offers live previews.

New Camera Features

iOS7 comes with an array of new camera features. The camera app allows you to swipe across the screen to the various camera types. These include panorama and HDR. It is easy to use and saves you the hassle of messing around with different settings. There has been a change to the photo gallery; this is the first iOS change to the gallery. Now, you can search photos by date location. The camera incorporates photo filters similar to instagram.

The new design essentially aims to make the iPhone look bigger as features now take up the entire screen and it does exactly that. iOS 7 will be available to users in Autumn of this year and we already look forward to using it on our devices.

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