Is Your Website Missing Any of These Must Have Features?

May 31st, 2013 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in Web Applications

Websites are a necessity for all businesses nowadays. What used to be optional in the past is now a vital tool that fulfills many needs of a business in this technological age. To have a website that brings your business the success you need, it has to have several key features. Without these, your website won’t be the effective tool that it should be.

Feature #1: An “About Us” Page

There are many websites on the internet that sell products and services, but many tell nothing about the business or its credentials. This can drive potential customers away since they are not sure they can trust that particular website and the business that operates it.

The “About Us” page is a very important feature your website needs to establish your business as trustworthy. It also helps connect you to customers. They will be able to learn about you and your credentials. A site with proper credentials will be able to acquire a much larger customer base.

Feature #2: Accessible Contact Information

Your website needs to have a place where users can access your contact information. This type of information usually includes a phone number, email address, and sometimes a physical address of the business. Contact information gives a customer a means of contacting you if they have a question, complaint, or suggestion. If you don’t provide contact information, customers may be less likely to use your site and buy your product or service because they don’t have a proper way to get in touch with your business.

Feature #3: A Great Home Page

One of the most important features of your website is the home page. Upon visiting your website, people form an opinion about it in the first few seconds. If their opinion is less than positive, you could lose a potential customer. In order to keep a person’s attention and make them want to explore your website, you’ll need a good home page to keep them interested. The home page needs to be very professional looking, and it must have eye-catching headlines.

Feature #4: Organization

Another vital feature of good websites is organization. Your website needs to have an organized layout that is clean. It shouldn’t be filled with distracting graphics or patterns, but it also shouldn’t be boring with nothing going on. It must be easy to navigate and a joy to browse through.

A good website with these features can be very beneficial to your business.


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