Know How a NSF file to PST File Converter Can Make Migration Convenient

July 7th, 2018 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in Download

Lotus Notes is essentially targeted at business enterprises. Integrating the features of a standard emailing tool and a convenient document database system, Notes has been the prime choice for many of the business organizations and government bodies. However, recently it has been noticed that a large number of users are looking forward for convenient and precise solution to migrate Outlook. What is the reason behind this massive flock of users opting for migration to Outlook? Why has Outlook created so much of buzz?

nsf to pst

It has all happened with the launch of new facilities and features in Exchange server. Microsoft has gained some ground by providing the same collaborative facilities as Notes in business organizations. To be very precise, Microsoft has outshone Lotus Notes with its faster processing, simpler navigation and extraneous facility to support internet standards. Most importantly it is very simple and easy to operate unlike the complexities associated with Lotus Notes. Once the users have decided to give it a go for migration process, there are few other concerns which still lurks on a user’s mind.

Challenges of Migration Procedure

As we know that the proprietary file format for Notes is NSF file format. The NSF file is considered as a container which contains a list of many resources which a Notes or Domino applications employs. It can contain files, objects, graphics, etc. All these information are stored in a generic format which is called as notes. Now, these NSF files when migrated to Outlook cannot be opened .Reason being Outlook has no support to read NSF file format and its proprietary file format is PST. In such cases one of the options that stand as an alternative is to convert the NSF file into PST files. The migration procedure is not as easy it sounds. The transition from Notes to Outlook can be really challenging as years of data saved over Notes in NSF file formats have to be converted into PST file format. In such situations, a user can hardly bear the loss of any data while migration is taking place.

Availing Third-Party Solution

Since there are no precise manual methods that would enable a perfect conversion of NSF file format to PST file format. In such a case a user needs to depend on a third-party solution. One such tool is NSF file to PST file converter which proficiently exports all the NSF file items likes emails, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, etc. from Lotus Notes to Outlook platform

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