Smartphone Apps That Can Make a CEO’s Life Easier

April 12th, 2013 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in App Store

CEOs are extremely busy people. They have to keep their companies afloat and have so many business concerns to think about. With everything now being digital or going digital thanks to the rising popularity of smartphones, CEOs can keep on top of their most important tasks more easily by downloading some great helpful apps to their phones. Here are some of the best apps for CEOs.


• Expensify is a great free app that works on Android powered smartphones. With it, CEOs can keep logs of business expenses and capture images of receipts with their device’s camera. In addition, the CEO can manage and create expense reports, organize expenses by using features within the app that allow for customizing categories, tags and more. It is also possible to track mileage expenses for the business with a GPS feature built in. Download the app here.

OmniFocus for iPhone

• OmniFocus for iPhone is $19.99 at the iTunes App Store and allows CEOs to manage all of their tasks in one convenient location. Keep track of projects, your staff or by date. The app will notify the individual of when they have to do a specific task as they move around throughout a busy day. Set up alerts for deadlines on certain things that are upcoming as well. Download the app here.

EVA — Virtual Assistant

• EVA — Virtual Assistant is an Android app that is similar to Siri for iPhone but that is much more efficient. It is $19.99 at Google Play. CEOs can use it as a great way to use their voices to increase productivity. There is a Car Mode that allows the person to dictate what they want while driving, such as reading important information. It is best used as a virtual assistant that can make the CEO’s busy everyday life much easier. Download the app here.


• Evernote is a free app that CEOs will certainly find essential during their busy lives. It is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone and is an easy to use note taking tool that syncs across all devices, from smartphones to tablets to computers. Stay organized by taking notes, recording voice reminders, create to do lists and capture photos. The CEO can then search for any note or other item saved within the app on any device while at work, at home or out and about. Download the app here.


• FlightTrack is $4.99 on Google Play and is a useful app for CEOs who do extensive traveling for business. With it, it is possible to stay on top of their flights, get real-time departure information, gate numbers, maps and much more. There is full international coverage and the app will always update about any cancellations or delays in flights. In addition, the individual can quickly and easily find an alternative flight in the event of such an instance occurring. Download the app here.

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