Three Handy Pieces of Software To Manage Your Business Finances

June 11th, 2013 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in Web Applications

Business owners, accountants, and financial specialists have been using advanced software for years, but many may be unaware of some of the current options that could make their job easier than ever. A wide array of useful programs have been released, updated, or completely overhauled recently and they have been geared towards the busy professional that would like to save themselves time, money, and energy. For businesses within any industry, here is a closer inspection of three of the handiest pieces of software to take care of a company’s complex financial data.

1. TurboCash 5

TurboCash 5 remains one of the most popular options for open-source programs that cover accounting information for small to medium-sized businesses. This software begins with all of the basic functions that an accountant or business owner will need including keeping track of creditors, backroom inventory, stock control, ledgers, VAT accounting, income statements, and basic balance sheets. For the entrepreneur, TurboCash 5 can be adapted to seamlessly move between multiple businesses or private contractors with just a few clicks of the mouse. Those that are just beginning this process can use TurboCash’s links to a number of useful resources such as example ledger books and detailed help files.

2. QuickBooks Pro

There are few programs in the world that will be as useful to small, medium, and large business owners as Quickbooks products, especially QuickBooks Pro. For the average business owners, taxes can be one of the most difficult situations and even dedicated accountants can get lost in the thousands of tax exemptions, state codes, and federal laws that their business is subject to. Quickbooks Pro provides businesses with a single program that will take care of a number of their financial needs including quick reports on the company, in-program access to professional resources, income, expenses, and much more.

3. Intuit Online Payroll Plus

With or without Quickbooks, many companies will also want to take a closer look at Inuit Online Payroll Plus as another necessity for financial data. Business owners will often note that payroll is the most nerve-wracking and time-consuming components of their job, and the IRS only gives basic information on the dozens of considerations that must be made in order to legally carry out one’s payroll. This program provides online and offline resources for creating and tracking one’s payroll with a number of options for printed and digital checks. One of the biggest bonuses of this program is the ability to export this information directly to other financial programs including Quickbooks Pro and Quickbooks Premier. This program also provides warnings and reminders for tasks such as signing checks or updating tax information before tax season.


Managing finances for a business of any size can be a daunting task, but no one should feel as if they have to tackle this project alone. These few programs and the reputable companies that have developed them will make this a quick and simple process for all projects ranging from payroll to filing taxes.

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