Top 5 Android and iPhone apps to kill time

June 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in Android | App Store

All the iPhones and Androids in the market today boast of multiple worthwhile apps that users can enjoy while keeping them preoccupied during their dead time. So, if you want something to tinker on when you’re doing anything, or, like when you’re waiting for your bus ride or you just want to enjoy your time, then, there are a lot smartphone and Android apps that you can download.

With these state-of-the-art applications, you can kiss boredom away. The whole gaming and leisure system is fitted into your mobile phone to keep you entertained all day long, wherever you are. The current Android market has an assortment of categories which consist of games, media and entertainment to help you manage monotony.

Angry Birds

For the games’ category, one of the most preferred is the Angry Birds which has already earned phenomenal success and millions of following worldwide. The game is pretty simple and it focuses on unhappy birds. The target is to destroy the green pigs responsible for stealing the birds’ eggs. You can make use of the distinct and devastating powers of the furious birds to destroy the pigs’ fortified strongholds. You can spend long hours playing this game, contending with the physics-based demolition of the fortresses. You have to employ skill and logic to defeat the enemy.


Androids and iPhones also host a collection of music and video programs if gaming is not to your liking. The Spotify premium account enables you to stream music to the mobile phone while the play lists are carried across. In other words, you can play melodies even without Internet connection. It also introduces a native app for the world’s most well-liked smartphone platform. Streaming songs is very possible through the web and provides a complete selection on the desktop counterpart. The playlist can be synced with your mobile phone apps. Android interface is relatively basic and shares functions but the application on each platform looks distinct.

Google Reader

If you like to spend your time reading and browsing through texts, then, Google Reader is most suitable for you. One of the leading entertainment apps is the official application for Google’s Rich Site Summary or RSS reader. It enables users to follow and monitor your favorite blog posts. This Reader syncs directly with the Internet version. So, if you opt to read a post on your mobile gadget, this will not come into view again on any web-based platform.

Garage Band

Garage Band is a software application for OS X and i-OS which permits users to produce music or podcasts. The software tools on which Garage Band relies are processor-intensive. So, the iPhone facilitates a more stable, faster, and smooth music-making process. The wide screen is also useful because it provides you with several extra keys when you decide to compose and allows you to see more notes when editing Musical Instrument Digital Interface.


I-movie is considered as one of the more impressive and trendy applications that any iPhone user can download. It is in essence a movie-making studio right within your fingers’ reach. The camera is perfect for shooting high definition video images, while allowing users to edit your production easily and publish the same on You Tube, FB and Vimeo. Incidentally, all current iPhone applications work fine on iPhones and facilitate optimum user experience.

So, there you have some of the best apps that you can upload and keep you company whenever you feel boring. Check them out now and have a great time.


Author Bio – Manilyn Moreno is an online marketing manager and writer. She writes random topics but most of the time writes on software for catering.

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