Vuemix App Review

June 4th, 2013 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in App Store

Vuemix is a revolutionary video browsing app for both iPhone and iPad. What makes Vuemix different from the clusters of apps already out there? It uses cloud technology to allow for 9 screens of simultaneous video to play at once on a single screen. Each video stream is ported into the app and played for the user in one interface, with audio only coming from the currently selected video. This is a drastic change from the traditional static thumbnail video preview that we’ve seen in the past in all other video interfaces. With Vuemix a user can boot up the app and scroll through a wide content of videos that are all rolling at once, allowing the user to better understand what each video is about and make better informed decisions about what videos to watch. Once selected, the videos go into a full screen theater view for regular viewing.

 The app crawls the web for an expansive variety of content, which is then put into various tiled groups. The initial page prompts a ‘Trending Topics’ tile where users can see constantly updating, relevant videos. A ‘YouTube’ tile is also present which contains all new content from the top 200 channels on Youtube. The Categories tab prompts users with the vast video selections available on Vuemix. Video sections from hockey and basketball ranging to fashion and travel are offered. Not to mention traditional news sources, movie clips, and ‘do it yourself’ videos. All videos are pulled from relevant sources pertaining to each topic.

 Outside of the vast content that Vuemix crawls the web for, some of the best features included in the app are the ability to see relevant news articles about any particular video, the ease of social network sharing, and the ability to create mixes of your favorite videos.  The interactive nature of the app provokes users to participate with the app and make even more use of outside of video browsing.

 While Vuemix may not be a substitute for live television, it certainly is another big step in the online content world. The way videos are crawled and displayed are extremely unique and it is often easy to spend quite a while surfing through the app’s videos. As far as the technology involved in video browsing, Vuemix stands alone. The way videos are displayed with moving tiles makes surfing and finding content quicker and easier. All the ancillary features that come along with Vuemix really help accentuate the different nuances of the app as well.

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