What Is An Ebook?

June 28th, 2015 | Posted by Ankit Sajwan in Technology

An ebook is a term used to describe a book or booklet that is written in its entirety to be transmitted and read entirely by the internet. The ebook can be composed in a word processor and then saved in a PDF format so that it can be easily preserved and distributed.

The concept of ebooks has really caught on because they are so easily put together and distributed, and that opens up worlds of opportunity to disseminate information in a very detailed manner.


An ebook can be used in marketing as a way for people to give up their email address in exchange for the information in the ebook. If you can write on a topic that shows someone how to do something important, such as raise chinchillas or construct a hydroponic garden in your garage, you are on track.

A good construction model for an ebook would involve an table of contents, and introduction and different successive chapters, each describing in detail information about subtopics having to do with the overall theme. Ebooks are not overly long, being no more than 10,000 to 20,000 words, compared to the average novel which normally consists of between 70,000 to 100,000 words.

Ebooks should be informative and to the point. People are generally distracted by something every one to five minutes, so your content needs to be compelling enough to compete with a person’s email, their smart phone, and the internet of course. Then there is the radio and television, and other members of a family, pets, etc.

A person who requests an ebook is definitely someone who is interested enough in your topic and subject matter to know that they will probably be spending some time reading it, so write your content accordingly. Link the thought process from chapter to chapter in such a way as to carry the theme all throughout the ebook. Be sure to put a hook at the end of each chapter, making the reader want to go to the next chapter without delay.

It is estimated that the ebook concept was originated in the early 70’s, but it was not until around 2004 that Google championed the name of “Ebook” as a way to write a short book and then have the means of distributing it electronically for free, or for profit.

Now there are are millions of ebooks available when you factor in the amount of ebooks that are really full length novels available on Amazon Kindle and similar venues. Ebooks in that venue have become a very popular method for authors to self publish their own works and not have to go through the rigors of having to convince a publishing house of the merit of their work.

The ebook has certainly become an excellent way to push out information about your own thoughts, philosophies and ideas, as well as having become an accepted platform for anyone to write commercially. If you you have yet to write your first ebook, there is no time like the present to get started.

Author : Aria Meyer is a freelance write and an active blogger. She writes mainly about fashion and technology, but she also writes about other topics too. She is currently working with several ecommerce websites to help them with content. Aria got her Bachelor Degree from Cal State Long Beach and currently living in Walnut, CA. Right now, she is working closely with Meritline to help them grow the marketing department.

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